How to fix E-22 or E- 6 error code on the DynaTrol

E-22 is the same as E-6. It means one of the thermocouple wires is connected backwards.

Here is how to fix it:

  1. When the kiln is cold, start a fast glaze program to any cone number.
  2. Once it starts firing press 1,2,3 and write down each different temperature.
  3. 5 minutes later press 1,2,3 and write down each different temperature again. One of the thermocouple readings will now be lower, not higher than before. That is the thermocouple circuit with the problem. TC 1 is the top thermocouple, TC 2 the middle, and TC 3 is the bottom thermocouple.  Identify which thermocouple is reducing it's temperature as the kiln heats.
  4. Press STOP and UNPLUG the kiln now.
  5. Open the outer control box (top two screws on an Easy-Fire kiln) and look at the red and yellow wires at the connection strip on the back wall. It should be red to red and yellow to yellow AND start with yellow on the top and go yellow-red-yellow-red from top to bottom as the wires cross the connection strip.
  6. If all is well in the outer box, open the inner box (right two screws- it will only open a couple inches- DO NOT FORCE IT) and check to see if the yellow wires are in the top and the red wires are in the bottom on each of the ceramic oval thermocouple connections.
  7. While in there, check the tightness of each of the 4 screws on each ceramic oval. They should be snug but not overtightened. Gently tug on each red and yellow wire.
  8. If it all looks OK, right there at the ceramic oval, reverse the wires on the thermocouple (1,2,or 3) that you determined was reducing it's temperature.  The problem is that the TC itself is flipped over in the ceramic oval connection block.
  9. Check to make sure relays are connected to the proper outputs.
  10. Check that thermocouples are connected to the proper inputs.
  11. If that does not fix the Error Code, then replace the DynaTrol.