How to fix E- 2 or Err2

  1. Err2 can only happen in a hold segment.
  2. One of the 3 temps has to be 50°F higher than the hold temp for this error to happen.
  3. First, check the tightness of all 4 screws on each TC- be sure they are not so tight that they have partially cut through the wires. Look for any signs of overheated TC wires- if found, replace them immediately.
  4. While the kiln is cold, plug it in but leave the toggle switch off. Does one ring of elements get hot anyway? If so, that is a stuck relay which must be replaced.
  5. Otherwise, it is either a programming or loading error or possibly a bad DynaTrol. Loading errors might occur if everything is in the bottom of the kiln, something is too close to a TC, or there are too many short shelves in the bottom or somewhere in the kiln.
  6. Err2 usually happens on a down-ramp, often because of how the kiln cools naturally with the load placed as it is in the kiln- one of the TC readings is not cooling off as fast as the others, and when the coolest TC reaches the set point, Err2 can happen.
  7. When programming- using a cooling rate that is closer to the actual cooling rate sometimes helps. Try 400 or 500F/ hr for a cooling rate. Still a problem? Set the SHTO setting in the hidden other menu to OFF and try that.
  8. This can happen in a small empty kiln during a test firing. If that is the case then a load in the kiln will fix the problem.
  9. Check to make sure relays are connected to the proper outputs. Check that thermocouples are connected to the proper inputs.