How do I program general instruction panels for 3-key Bartlett

  1. Turn on kiln switch.
  2. Press any key to clear ErrP from display.
  3. Press ENTER. The previously fired program (USr1, USr2, USr3 or USr4) will display.
  4. You can choose a different program by hitting UP or DOWN until you find the program you want. Press ENTER when the correct program is displayed.
  5. You will now scroll though the entire program by pressing ENTER; including dELA, SEG number and the various ramp rates, temperatures and hold times. See the Operations Tab in the kiln instructions to see what changes you need to make for firing to various cones in ceramic firing.
  6. When you have reached the end of the program the display will say rEdl. Hit ENTER and the kiln will start firing.
  7. At the end of the program the display will flash CPLt and the firing time. Turn kiln switch off.