How to create very long programs in the DynaTrol?

A customer asks:

In the Dynatrol reference manual under SOAK it states “The control will soak at Final Set Point for up to 99 hours, 99 minutes and can be programmed to hold a temperature as long as 66 days before needing to be reset”. I cannot set this soak time greater 99 hours, 99 minutes. How can I set this for 30 days?

Here is the math:
Each segment in a vary-fire program can have a 99.99 hour hold.  8 segments x 99.99 hours is 799.92 hours.  Divide 799.92 by 24(hours) and you get 33.33 days. You can combine program 7 and 8 in one 16 segment program giving you a total of 66+ days.

ADDITIONAL NOTE ABOUT THE 16-S COMMAND: If you want to run the two programs (USER 5 and USER 6) back to back and intend them to work as one 16 segment program, make sure that the temperature of the first segment in User 6 is higher than the temperature of the last segment in User 5. If you are trying to go from a higher final temperature of USER 5 to a lower initial temperature of USER 6, the program in USER 6 will not start.

This shows you how to create a really long program with up to 16 segment of control on your DynaTrol program control.