Can you use a centralized vent system instead of the Vent-Sure Vent?

Question: We received this semester a DaVinci 2327-D and I'm hoping you can help us with some venting questions.

  1. When our kiln room was set up, the designers created a vent system that linked all three kilns via flexible ductwork to a main duct with a large fan system and we assumed we would vent this new kiln the same way the last one was.  The duct connects to the lower rear side of the kiln, (as opposed to under the floor) similar to the Bailey venting system.
  2. In the manual we received with this kiln, the Vent-Sure Vent System is shown, and now the HVAC folks here, having seen that manual, say they will only hook that system up because that's what's in the book.  But it seems to me that other than being mounted on the bottom, it's not much different.
  3. Can you offer a suggestion or opinion about this? I certainly understand the efficiency of the Vent-Sure Vent, but as ours are linked, does it sound like we should add your system in? Since the fan for your unit is not directly under the kiln but at the exit point, would mounting our exit vent under the floor effectively do the same thing?


  1. It may work if it was connected to your existing venting system.  The big questions are how large is the fan motor that is pulling the fumes from the existing kilns- what is that fan's CFM (cubic feet per minute)?  Also, how large (in cubic feet of interior space) are the existing kilns?
  2. All we can really do is make a comparison between what your venting situation is, and what we know works; that about 20 cubic feet of kiln interior with a typical load can be adequately vented using our 130 CFM fan motor and the provided ducting, etc. of our vent system.
  3. While it will probably not hurt the DaVinci to be connected to your venting system just to see if it works well enough, it may just be easier to let them install the L&L factory venting system on the DaVinci.  They are easy to install after the fact.