Can I Restart the Kiln after Getting an Error Message?

  • You can try to restart the kiln after getting an error code.
  • Some messages, like flashing ErrP and FAIL, will not necessarily turn off the kiln.
  • Depending on the problem, re-starting it may or may not let it finish the firing, or it may not even be able to start up again.
  • An Errd will usually not re-start easily because the temperature top to bottom is drastically different.
  • An Err1 at the end of the firing will re-start but will probably re-occur in about 22 minutes.
  • A FAIL message will not go away even if the problem is fixed during the firing. The kiln will still be firing with the FAIL message flashing along with the number of the TC that failed. Stopping and then re-starting the kiln after fixing the problem with the TC circuit is the only way to erase the FAIL message and continue firing.
  • ErrP flashing with the temperature means that the kiln is still firing, after just a short power outage or interference. Just press ENTER to clear the ErrP. An ErrP or a PF (power failure) which is not flashing must be restarted.
  • What is the worse thing that can happen if you restart after an error code?