Where can I get good information on how to fire my kiln?

  1. We include many firing tip brochures from Orton.
  2. For a more in depth explanation, Orton has a great booklet called Successful Firing Practices. They also have a number of other booklets available, such as Cones and Firing (20 pages), Using Orton Cones/Temperature Charts, Kiln Safety Booklet, Kiln-Sitter Maintenance & Repair and Porcelain Firing Guide. Contact Orton at 614-895-2663 for more information.
  3. In addition, L&L sells several books about firing electric kilns. Visit Hotkilns.com/books.pdf for more details.
  4. Also our Knowledgebase has a lot of information on typical ceramic firing problems.
  5. See our information on how to fire a manual kiln.
  6. See our description of the Ceramic Firing Process