What is so great about Dyna-Glow Hard Ceramic Element Holders? Do they cost more?

  1. One, your kiln will last much longer. We have seen L&L kilns that are 20 and even 30 years old that look and function like new kilns. The firebrick around the element grooves in our competitors' kilns is easily subject to breakage. All it takes is a kiln shelf hitting the brick near an element groove and you have a BIG problem. Bang hard on a Dyna-Glow element holder and nothing much happens.
  2. The other reason, which is logically clear, is that the wall on the Dyna-Glow element holder that holds the element in is only 1/16" thick and is made of hard dense non-insulating ceramic. This transfers the heat of the element much better than the highly insulating firebrick wall (typically 1/4" or more) that you will find on competitors' kilns.
  3. Another great feature is that the expansion and contraction of the element coils does not kick up brick dust, which can get on your precious ware.
  4. Element life is longer because elements stay in their hard grooves and don't droop out.
  5. L&L absorbs the cost of this great feature so you can get a better, longer-lasting kiln for the same or not much more than you might pay for another brand.
  6. Learn more about L&L's ceramic element holders.