What is the difference between the Easy-Fire Kilns and the School-Master kilns?


The Easy-Fire and School-Master kilns are very similar. The Easy-fire kilns are our flagship kiln series. Many thousands are installed around the world. However, as great as it is, some users have a need for a simpler controller and do not require the complexity of the three-zone control; this is why we designed the School-Master kiln series. It is extremely simple, yet has all of the durability and ease-of-use much like our fantastic "Easy-Lift, Easy-Load" spring-loaded lid.


  1. Genesis Control
  2. Zone control.
  3. More sizes.
  4. All elements are the same value.
  5. Three-year warranty.
  6. Most models are listed to Cone 10.


  1. Genesis Mini Control
  2. Single Zone.
  3. Two basic sizes - 7 cubic feet and 10 cubic feet.
  4. Graded elements for uniformity rather than zone control.
  5. Five-year warranty.
  6. Limited to Cone 6 even though it has the power to go to Cone 10. This prevents most problems caused by normal wear and tear.