What is Branch Fusing and where is it used?

Branch Fusing Included On High Powered Units

  • According to the the National Electrical Code electrical equipment needs branch fusing when the total amperage draw is higher than 48 amps. 
  • Branch fusing means that each element circuit is separately fused. There are two cartidge type fuses in a fuse holder for each element circuit. We fuse right before the power contactor.
  • This requirement also coincides with the use of direct wiring of the kiln. All kilns that we make that are above 48 amps do not have a plug or cord. They must be direct wired.

Where is Branch Fusing Used?

  • All DaVinci kilns
  • High powered Jupiter kilns
  • eQuad-Pro kiln
  • Some JH Series Kilns
  • Some Easy-Fire XT kilns
  • Some eFL Kilns
  • Easy-Load Front Loading Kilns

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