What is Branch Fusing and where is it used?

Branch Fusing Included On High Powered Units

  1. According to the National Electrical Code, electrical equipment needs branch fusing when the total amperage draw is higher than 48 amps. 
  2. Branch fusing means that each element circuit is separately fused. There are two cartridge-type fuses in a fuse holder for each element circuit. We fuse right before the power contactor.
  3. This requirement also coincides with the use of direct wiring of the kiln. All kilns that we make that are above 48 amps do not have a plug or cord. They must be direct wired.

Where is Branch Fusing Used?

  1. All DaVinci kilns
  2. High-powered Jupiter kilns
  3. eQuad-Pro kiln
  4. Some JH Series Kilns
  5. Some Easy-Fire XT kilns
  6. Some eFL Kilns
  7. Easy-Load Front-Loading Kilns

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