Should I get a powered bottom?


  1. Powered bottoms are available on Jupiter kilns with 22-1/2", 23-1/2", 28", and 29" diameters.
  2. Powered bottoms are available on DaVinci X2800, X3200, T2300, and T3400 series kilns. 

We recommend this option for a few different reasons

  1. If you are firing very dense loads such as tiles.
  2. On very large kilns such as the T3400 Series, where you could get a cold spot on the floor, a powered bottom will improve uniformity.
  3. To decrease cycle time and add KW to the kiln - not normally an issue with ceramics, but it can be for some industrial processes.
  4. To increase the temperature rating of a JD23V, JD23V-3, or JD2918-3 kiln.
  5. Another benefit of a powered bottom is that it increases the element life by allowing all the elements to not work as hard, but achieve the same results.
  6. See this video for how to adjust settings on a powered bottom.