I have an old L&L Kiln that I want to sell. What is it worth?


I have an old L&L Kiln that I want to sell. What is it worth?

We get asked this question a lot. We don't have any real way of knowing. A kiln, or any possession for that matter, is valued at whatever someone is willing to pay for it. That being said, you can find the price of a comparable new kiln on this web site and then discount it at least 50% or more depending on condition.  It depends completely on how much it was used and the condition of the different parts. In good shape- i.e. minimal corrosion, clean and flexible wiring, newish elements, no brick damage you might expect to get maybe 50% of a new kiln depending on the market and the age of the kiln in terms of technology (i.e. manual vs. automatic control). Itemize the condition of the case, the interior and the wiring and discount from there. If wiring has to be replaced then discount it another 25% from list. If elements have to be replaced then discount at least 15% from list. If the brick interior need extensive repair then it is worth little or nothing (one reason L&L kilns hold up in value, by the way).

All that being said we have heard of people buying used kilns for no more than $200.00 to $300.00.

When it comes to garage sales, a good rule of thumb is to sell the item for a third of what you paid for it originally.

Listing on Ebay and Craig's List and searching Ebay and Craig's List is also a good idea. Also talk to any local pottery shops or art centers where pottery classes take place. There may be students who would be interested.

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