Do I need a vent?

  1. Kilns have been operated for years without the newer ventilation systems.
  2. Kilns without vents are normally vented by propping the lid open during the first part of the cycle when the ware gives off fumes.
  3. However, a powered downdraft type of vent, like the Vent-Sure that L&L makes, automates this process, improves air circulation and heat distribution in the kiln, and ensures good venting of the fumes to the outside.
  4. You MUST be sure to vent fumes generated by a kiln to the outside. Some of these, such as carbon monoxide, are hazardous.

Helpful Tips

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  7. If you are using a hood type vent (like the Vent-a-Kiln) do you need a kiln vent (like the Vent-Sure) also?