Can you remove the door of an Easy-Load kiln?

For all Easy-Load kilns (except the EL3048): With the door all the way open the kiln will go through a 34-1/2" wide door.

Removing the door is not a good idea. These kilns are not easily disassembled nor are they meant to be. The door of a EL2436 weighs over 250 lbs. When we hang the door during the manufacturing process we use a forklift to support the weight and four men to get the door into position and bolt it to the kiln body. The brick in the door is fragile, like all fire brick, and will crack or chip easily. Then there are adjustments made to the hinge (there are slots in the hinge plates) to make sure the door is seated properly to achieve a good seal. Without a good seal, the heat will escape through the top and eventually corrode the top plates and tadpole seal of the kiln. Then there are the wiring issues. The wires that power the door elements would have to be removed and replaced properly. If the kiln is not rewired properly there would be serious problems with the kiln shorting out, burning out the control or in a worst case scenario, create a fire hazard. If the door opening is smaller than 34-1/2" (which is a standard size door) then we suggest that it might be less costly for you to have a carpenter open up the door rather than the significant costs involved in repairing a damaged kiln. The repairs to the kiln are not covered under warranty if the kiln is damaged in the course of moving at your location, disassemble or reassembly.