General cautions for operating most L&L Kilns. These can be helpful for anyone using electric kilns.


General troubleshooting tips for kilns.


Form to use for faxing in a parts order. You can also fill it out, scan it and email to sales@hotkilns.com. You may want to fill it all out except for the credit card details and then call those in if you are emailing.


MSDS for 6-Tile Kaolin Clay, a component in L&L's Cone 10 Kiln Wash.
MSDS for Aluminum Hydroxide, a component in L&L's Cone 10 Kiln Wash.
MSDS for both K23 and K25 Firebrick, a component in standard kilns.
MSDS for Refractory Mortar, a component in standard kilns.
MSDS for Silica Sand, a component in L&L's Cone 10 Kiln Wash.

General Instructions

Old instruction manual. Closest instructions we have for E48 kilns.


How to fire a manual kiln

Tips, Cones, Log

Suggestions for firing glass in a pottery kiln.
Simple form for logging your firings
This is a chart showing the temperatures and firing rates at which various cones bend.
A series of practical tips for firing a kiln form Orton
Description of the typical ceramic processes of bisquing and glazing
This is a good description of how cones work and how they can help you fire your kiln better.


Instructions that go with our brick repair kit. Shows how to do brick repair.
Regular Maintenance of Your L&L Kiln (Spanish)
Tips for maintaining a peak operating condition in a kiln.


Instructions for Tru-View Multi-zone Pyrometer System


All about the kinds of fuses used on electric kilns

Installation requirements and checklist. all kilns. (Note: There is a more specific version of this for Easy-Fire and ol-Master Skilns.)

Installation & Preorder Information for L&L Kilns (Spanish)
Complete information on voltage, circuits and wiring for electric kilns