Sales Tax and Sales Tax Exemptions Policy

Sales tax

  1. We charge sales tax in Pennsylvania and New Jersey if the shipping address is in one of those states.
  2. We charge for New Jersey sales tax if the customer buys from and picks up from the factory.
  3. We charge for kilns, parts and service in those states.

Tax exempt requirements

  1. We are strictly responsible for collecting sales tax unless we have on hand a valid Tax Exempt Certificate. Our tax records are subject to audit by the State of New Jersey and Pennsylvania and we are liable for the tax if not collected.
  2. We charge this tax without exception unless the customer has a valid Tax Exempt Certificate at the time of order or on file with us. The tax certificate must be presented with the order. 
  3. Credit for sales tax will not be made after invoicing even if a valid Tax Exempt Certificate is provided after invoicing is complete.
  4. If the customer is a tax exempt public institution and the tax exempt number is on the written purchase order, that is acceptable.