Credit & Debit cards accepted

  1. Visa
  2. MasterCard
  3. American Express
  4. Discover
  5. For shipments outside the United States: Please use wire transfers. Credit cards are not accepted outside of the United States except for Canada and US Government APO addresses.

Wire transfer and ACH Payments

  1. This is normally the quickest and easiest way to make a payment, especially for companies.
  2. Contact for details on how to process a wire transfer.
  3. Generally speaking, because of the fees involved for the purchaser, it does not make sense to use a wire transfer for less than about $1000 (except for export).
  4. ACH Payments are accepted. Call for details.

Purchase orders

  1. Official written Purchase orders are accepted from public schools and government agencies by fax, email or mail. (An exception is that schools must pay by credit card or wire transfer for all order placed from May 1 to September 1 due to the difficulty of getting paid during summer months). For large orders there may be prepayments.
  2. Internal requisitions from schools or agencies are not accepted as purchase orders.
  3. Terms are not available to non-government entities.
  4. Terms may be available to corporations with a D&B Paydex rating of 70 or higher.
  5. Late payments will automatically result in the suspension of credit terms.
  6. When submitting a purchase order the customer must include all contact information for your Accounts Payable Department. We require a contact name, title, phone number, fax number and email address. No orders will be entered until this information is provided.

Special Payment Terms for Easy-Load Kilns

  1. Easy-Load Front Loading kilns are specially built.
  2. Even if ordered on a purchase order we require a minimum downpayment of 50% downpayment for Easy-Load kilns along with 30% before shipment.

Advance Payment

  1. Payment by wire transfer, ACH payment or credit card will expedite processing of your order.
  2. Payment by personal check requires a three week delay for check to clear.
  3. Personal checks must be certified.

COD and Money Orders

  1. No CODs are accepted. COD refers to “Cash on Delivery”
  2. No Money Orders are accepted.
  3. No cash is accepted.

Invoice Date

  1. Kilns and parts are invoiced when they are shipped or, in the case of a delay caused by customer, when they are ready to ship.
  2. Approximate ship date of kiln may be specified WITH THE ORDER and may be changed up until the time the kiln is put into production.
  3. Terms begin on invoice date.