Small to Medium Size Kilns

  1. Easy-Fire, Jupiter, JH Series, eQuad-Pro, Doll/Test kilns, and other similar kilns in that size range are protected with advanced foam-in-place in heavy-duty skidded cartons.
  2. No Packing Charges. Skids are ISPM-15 Compliant. Carton is cardboard
  3. See this for details.

Davinci Kilns

  1. Larger DaVinci kilns typically come in two skidded crates. 
  2. Our advanced packaging has virtually eliminated shipping damage.
  3. See this for details and options.

eFL Series Front-Loading Kilns

  1. See videos for information on how eFL kilns are packed and assembled.
  2. See this for packing options.

Easy-Load Front-Loading kilns

  1. Kilns come packed in a wooden crate.
  2. A cage inside the kiln protects the interior.
  3. Front-Loading kilns require special handling. We try to use Air-Ride when possible. We work closely with select freight companies to make sure transfers are minimized.
  4. A forklift is required to remove the kiln from the pallet. Once the kiln is off the pallet, it can be moved by pallet jack from any side. Moving it up or down a ramp may require a forklift because of the center of gravity.
  5. See this for details.