Industrial Wiring for Jupiter Kilns

Jupiter Kiln Wiring Panel

Detached control panel

  • Air Space: The control panel is mounted off the kiln with an air space in between it and the kiln - for more reliable operation.

  • Reliable: Switches and sensitive components last longer.

  • Plug in Sections: Kiln sections plug into the panel with flexible cords.

  • Easy Access: The panel door is hinged for easy access to fuses and for service.

  • Well Laid Out: All wiring is neatly laid out for easy maintenance.

  • Ventilation: The instrument panel is well-ventilated.


Branch fusing for high-powered units

  • Each element circuit or zone is separately fused on kilns with more than 50 amps. This protects element circuits

  • Meets National Electrical Code requirements.

  • All Jupiter Kilns are listed to UL499 Standards


Power cord for smaller kilns (under 50 Amps)

  • A 50 amp 6-50P six-foot power cord is included for JD18-3, JD18X-3, JD23-3, and JD230-3 single-phase models.

  • A 50 amp 15-50P six-foot power cord is included for the 3-phase kilns listed above.

  • All other models feature a direct hook-up power terminal block.