Industrial Wiring (DaVinci & Easy-Load)

Easy-Load Panel

Away from Heat; Easy to Service

  • Floor standing detached control panel.
  • The control panel is mounted on the floor - away from kiln heat - for more reliable operation.
  • Switches and sensitive components last longer.
  • Kiln sections plug into the panel with flexible cords.
  • The panel door is hinged for easy access to fuses and for service.
  • All wiring is neatly laid out for easy maintenance.

Industrial Standards; Professional Wiring

  • Neatly laid out wiring done to National Electrical Code and UL499 standards.
  • All DaVinci kilns are listed to UL499 Standards (except for special models and Bell-Lift kilns with 6 or more sections).
  • All panels are tested with a special testing system.
  • Protected Circuits with Branch Fusing
  • Each element circuit or zone is separately fused. This protects element circuits.
  • All wiring is neatly laid out and wire tied.
  • The instrument panel is well-ventilated.