Seismic Kiln Rack and Brace

Seismic Stand

Seismic Stand

Earthquake Resistant Stand

This special stand is designed to prevent a top-loading sectional kiln from falling over during an earthquake.

  • Bottom part bolts to the floor

  • Bent sides bolt to the floor stand

  • All material is galvanized sheet metal

  • Pricing for larger kilns is by special quote.

Name SKU Price
Seismic Stand for 18" Diam up to 27" High A-E-18SS/ND $925.00
Seismic Stand for 23" Diam up to 27" High A-E-23XX/ND $925.00
Seismic Stand for 28" Diam up to 27" High A-E-28SS/ND $925.00