Rolling Kiln Stand

The universal Rolling Stand Leg Kit:

rolling stand leg kit

e23T-3 with Rolling Stand:

e23 rolling stand top

Vent-Sure collection box easily mounts underneath:

(box does not come pre-attached; must be ordered separately)

e14 rolling stand bottom

Important caution plate is riveted to the stand:

Caution sign

Rolling Stand Kit


  • Fully supports the entire kiln bottom (not just the edges)

  • Corrosion-resistant, heavy-gauge aluminized steel lasts longer

  • Easy vent installation with built-in vent box mounting studs (compatible with Vent-Sure system; no extension duct required)

  • Guideposts to keep kiln centered - each size stand-top fitted for matching kiln models, legs are universal



Instructions for assembling the rolling stand.



  • Rolling stands are the same height from the floor to the top of the stand as our normal stands.
  • The vent collection box is not included.
  • The rolling stands no longer require a straight extension duct for venting. The flex duct attaches directly onto the vent collection box.
  • The standard rolling stands are not available on kilns taller than 3 rings (over 27" inside height).
  • Rolling stands are only recommended for flat, level floors. 

Special eQ2836-3 Rolling Stand

A special Rolling Stand is available for the eQ2836-3 or the JD2936-3.


Name SKU Price
Rolling Stand Leg Kit A-J-00RL/01 $220.00