Export & Special Crating Options

Easy-Load Kilns

  1. If you will have a forklift available for unloading the kiln then the kiln comes on a pallet and is boxed for shipping by air ride trucking. This is standard and there is no charge for this.
  2. If you will not have a forklift available for unloading then a special engineered skid is constructed to allow you to remove the kiln from the skid with just a pallet jack. There is an extra cost for this.

Export Crates and Skids

ISPM-15 Skids for most kilns

  1. All polygonal kilns including Easy-Fire, School-Master, Liberty-Belle, Fuego, eQuad-Pro, Doll/Test, Jupiter and JH Series kilns require a pressed wood ISPM-15 rated skid. Aside from that they are boxed in our standard heavy-duty cartons. For kilns with more that 3 sections two skids may be necessary.
  2. eFL kilns are disassembled so that the stand is removed and the base and kiln sit on the ISMP-15 Skid. The stand sits on top of the kiln. This is then enclosed in a box on the ISPM-15 skid. All you need extra for this is the ISPM-15 Pressed Wood Skid. Keep in mind that you will need to reassemble the kiln on top of the stand when you receive it.
  3. Smaller DaVinci kilns: XB2318, X2327, X2336 and X2345, XB2818, X2827, X2836, X2845 all come in two boxes with two ISPM-15 Pressed Wood Skids. 

Crates for Easy-Load, Larger DaVinci and Bell-Lift Kilns

  1. Easy-Load kilns are fully crated in marine plywood.
  2. Bell-Lift kilns come in two full marine plywood crates.
  3. Larger DaVinci kilns: XB3218, X3227, X3236, X3245, TB2318, T2327, T2336, T2345, TB3418, T3427, T3436, T3445 require larger crates and these are made with marine plywood.


Name SKU Price
ISPM-15 Skid for Polygonal Kilns, Smaller DaVinci Kilns, eLF Kilns G-G-ISPM/SD $100.00
ISPM-15 Plywood crate set for Larger DaVinci Kilns G-G-ISPM/DV $1,075.00
ISPM-15 Plywood crate set for Bell-Lift Kilns G-G-ISPM/BL $1,075.00
ISPM-15 Plywood crate for Easy-Load Kilns G-G-ISPM/EL $1,075.00
Engineered Pallet for Easy-Load for Pallet Jack Unloading (for when no Forklift is available) G-G-PJPL/EL $330.00