Some of the buttons on the DynaTrol do not work. How do I fix this?

This is caused by a loose or not fully connected plastic ribbon on the back of the keypad that connects the keypad membrane to the electronics.

  1. Turn all the Power OFF to the kiln.
  2. Open the control box so you can see the back of the DynaTrol.
  3. Locate the curling, striped, plastic ribbon at the bottom of the electronic circuit board.
  4. Pull the plastic ribbon out of the long black plastic slot, wipe it with something clean- like a tissue, then push it fully back into the long black plastic slot- the plastic ribbon will stay connected at the other end of itself underneath .
  5. Close the control box back up and try it.
  6. If it still does not work double-check it or replace the DynaTrol.
  7. See this video