My new LLutt Kiln

So I’ve had a Skutt KM818 that I bought used a few years back that wasn’t in too bad of shape, but after changing the elements in it a few times, the bricks were getting so hammered & I had had a few mishaps in it & I was tired of using element pins and it was needing some TLC, so when this J18 appeared on our local want ads, I snagged it up.  The top was the only part that looks used.  Inside it looks brand new!  I took the controller & S-tc out of the Skutt, took the manual controls off the J18 and voila!, you have a LLutt!  Fires like a champ!  Just thought I would share and I am so glad to not have to change the elements in that Skutt again!  I might use it for Raku!!!  Sincerely, one of your faithful L&L followers!!  Jeff

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