DaVinci Rectangular Kilns

Square and Rectangular Production Kilns

1) Genesis Touch Screen Control with a free app for easy programming and monitoring with Zone Control for even firing

2) Hard Ceramic Element Channels protect elements and fragile firebrick, improves kiln life dramatically

3) Free-standing Control Panel - easy & safe servicing, cool electronics

4) Ceramic Terminals make changing elements easy without crimping

5) Protected Thermocouple - for worry-free loading

6) Solid Ceramic Peephole Plug - no chance of falling out

7) Spring-assisted lid

8) Stainless Steel Case

9) Full Support Stand extends the life of the bottom brick

10) 480 Volt power option is available

3" brick adds strength and insulation for increased energy efficiency

Kiln sections plug into an external control panel. The kiln can be shortened or made higher easily and pulled apart to load sculptures or large objects that need to be fired. Sizes up to 43.5 cubic feet.

Models that are 27" tall or higher can be ordered with a High KW Option at no cost (see the Electrical Tab for KW and Amperage)

X3200, T2300, and T3400 models can be ordered with a powered bottom (see the Electrical Tab for KW and Amperage)