Easy-Open Spring-Assisted Hinge

Unobstructed loading of kiln

There are no support bars in the way of loading the kiln.

Spring Hinge

Handle and Latch on spring hinge

There is a ceramic handle and latch on the hinge.

Torsion springs

There are two torsion springs that balance out the force to keep the hinge straight.

Easy to Open

  • Easy-Unobstructed Loading 

  • The lid is tilted away from the kiln opening allowing greater access to the interior.

  • No lid supports in the way of loading your kiln.

  • Load from both sides. 

  • The double spring eliminates side torque on the lid.


Less Chance of Lid Damage

  • A lighter lid reduces lid and kiln lip damage.



  • A plunger-type safety latch holds the lid in place when open. 

  • The ceramic handle stays cool.

  • The clasp holds the lid down when firing.


Stable Construction

  • The hinge extends over three kiln sections and ties the kiln together for stability.


Corrosion & Heat Resistant

  • The body of the hinge is made from stainless steel.

Easy to Open

Easy to Load

Safety Latch