Vent-Sure Downdraft Vent

Vent-Sure vent system

L&L Kiln Vent ComparisonVent-Sure

Vent Bypass Box

Bypass Collection box with an adjustable bypass valve to allow you to adjust the airflow.

Bypass box on stand

The Vent Bypass box mounts onto studs that are located on all of our solid kiln stands.

Multi-mounting bracket

Multi-Mount bracket is included. This allows you to mount the motor on the floor or wall to suit your unique installation needs.

Multi-mount bracket in use

Example of an installation with the motor mounted on the floor with the output pointing up.

Vent Doubler Option

Vent-Doubler Option

Vent control

Vent Control Option

Vent-Sure Vent

Makes your kiln last longer

  • The Vent-Sure kiln vent helps prevent corrosion in and on your kiln. It extends the life of elements and electrical components.

  • Having a vent improves your warranty.


Removes Fumes

  • The vent blower motor is normally mounted with the 12" outlet protruding through a wall. 

  • This keeps the heat of the kiln away from the motor (for long motor life) and keeps the motor vibration away from the kiln.

  • The vent tubing is kept under vacuum instead of pressure.

  • This ensures that any leak in the tubing does not blow noxious fumes into your room.


Large Capacity

  • The blower vents up to 130 CFM (cubic feet per minute).

  • This will handle up to a 20 cubic foot kiln (and usually larger). More than one vent can be attached to a kiln.


Minimal Electrical Power

  • The motor only pulls 1.37 amps on 120 volts.

  • The blower motor features a 6-foot long 120-volt 15-amp power cord. An On/Off switch is located on the cord.

  • 240-volt models are available.


Adjustable Vent Control

  • An adjustable slide on the bypass/collection box adjusts the amount of venting from the system.

  • Adjust the vent to your kiln size so no heat is wasted.


8 feet of flexible aluminum duct

  • 8 feet of flexible expandable aluminum 3" diameter duct is included along with necessary hose clamps.

  • Longer lengths or lengths of 3" stove pipe can be used as well.

  • Length can be as great as 60 feet horizontal or vertical with up to four 90-degree bends.

  • An 8-foot flexible duct is included. We also sell a separate 15-foot flexible duct that you can purchase for longer runs.


Three-Year Limited Warranty

  • Because of our unique wall-mount fan, we rarely replace fan motors.


MET Listed to UL499 Standards

  • The VENT-SURE Model VS-1 is c-MET-us listed for use with all c-MET-us listed L&L kilns.

  • It is MET-us listed for all MET-us listed L&L kilns.

  • Note that using a non-L&L vent (even if it is listed to UL499) on an L&L kiln (or an L&L vent on a non-L&L kiln) would not be listed to UL499.


Included Multi-Mounting Bracket

  • A special Multi-mounting bracket (M-V-MULT/00) is included with all vents to mount the vent motor elevated off the floor (increasing motor life) or point the outlet vertically for ceiling installations. 


Optional Vent Doubler


Optional Vent Controller to turn the vent on and off with DynaTrol or Genesis

  • The Vent Control will allow you to program the vent motor to turn on and off during the firing cycle.

NOTE: Vents made by manufacturers other than L&L may not be listed to UL499 standards if used with an L&L kiln. The same is true in reverse - the L&L Vent-Sure is listed to UL499 standards only with L&L listed kilns. If you have any questions please contact the manufacturer of your non-L&L vent system.


Video, Specification Sheet and Instructions

Click here for Specification Sheet

Click here for Instruction Manual

Click here to watch video on how to install

Installing a Vent System

Drill holes for a Vent System

Name SKU Price
Vent-Sure for 120 Volts with 8 foot flex duct M-V-VENT/00 $750.00
Vent-Sure for 220-240 Volts (International) with 8 foot flex duct M-V-VENT/41 $860.00