DynaTrol Keypad Control

This control can be substituted for any Genesis full-sized control.

DynaTrol Control

DynaTrol Keypad Control

Substitute for the Genesis

  • This control has the same wiring and same mechanical footprint as the Genesis full-sized zone control. 

  • You can order this in place of the Genesis as a no-charge option. Doing so adds nothing to the lead time.

Dynamic Zone Control

  • The DynaTrol features Dynamic Zone Control with up to three separate loops of control.


Main Features

Four Easy Programs

  • low Bisque, Fast Bisque, Slow Glaze, and Fast Glaze preset program. Change the cone level and add a Hold time, Delay, and Candling time if desired.

Six User-Defined Programs

  • Up to eight segments (with one ramp and soak per segment) in each program. Very flexible.

Delay Time

  • Control when the kiln starts and stops.


  • "Candling" fires the kiln at 180°F for a time that you set.

  • Completely dry out ceramic work before the main cycle begins.


  • Control the end of the firing.

  • Hold the final temperature for a time that you control.

Cone and Thermocouple Offsets

  • Let you fine-tune your firings.


    Other Features

    Four "Easy-Fire" Preset Firing Profiles

    • Slow Bisque, Fast Bisque, Slow Glaze, and Fast Glaze all have time-proven profiles for the vast majority of ceramic firing.
    • Just enter the cone number and optional delay time, soak time, candling time, and alarm.

    Six User-Defined "Vary-Fire" Profiles

    • This allows you to have 6 separate repeatable stored programs with up to 8 segments (cooling or heating ramps, temperature setpoint, and an optional hold time per segment).
    • The DynaTrol allows you to soak at a low temperature for a long time (i.e. you can have an automatic drying period) and then automatically ramp up to your high fire at different rates.
    • You can ramp slowly through critical periods or soak at endpoint temperatures for more consistent maturing of work. It also allows a controlled cool-down to avoid heat shock.
    • You can link two of these profiles to make one 16-segment program.

    Controlled Cool down After Easy-Fire Program

    • It is possible to link a Vary-Fire program that controls the cooldown of the kiln to the end of an Easy-Fire program.
    • This allows you to use the great Orton software that adjusts the final set point of the kiln based on heat work but still be able to control your cool down for large work or for maturing glazes properly.

    Delay Start by up to 99 hours, 99 minutes

    • Allows you to plan the end of firing conveniently.
    • This can also be useful for saving energy costs by firing kiln with night electric rates.

    "Candle" (low temp soak) at 180°F

    • You can do this for up to 99 hours, 99 minutes to dry ware thoroughly.
    • This great feature can save your pots from blowing up (water expands 1170 times when it turns to steam).

    Soak at Final Set Point

    • You can do this for up to 99 hours, 99 minutes.
    • Soaking can dramatically improve firing results.
    • It is hard to do on a manual kiln.

    PID Tuning Control

    • Sophisticated mathematical functions in the control work behind the scenes to minimize temperature overshoot. This is optimized for the ceramic process.

    Thermocouple Offset

    • This allows you to individually bias thermocouples to adjust for thermocouple drift or kiln uniformity adjustments.

    Cone Offset

    • This allows you to match the "Easy-Fire" cone set points to your real firing experience.

    Program Review

    • See the entire program before or while running it.

    Segment Review

    • Lets you review the segment you are on.
    • Also shows you what your current set point is during the program as it is changing.

    Audible Temperature Alarm

    • This can alert you at any point in the program.
    • For instance, the control can alert you that the kiln is close to maturity so you can watch it reach the final set point or use it to tell you when to turn off the vent.

    Change of Program During Firing

    • Make adjustments as needed.

    Last Temperature Reached

    • This is shown at end of Easy-Fire program.

    Cone/Temperature Equivalent Look-Up Table

    • Convert cone numbers to degrees.

    Dust-Sealed Panel

    • A graphically numeric keypad makes programming easy.

    Error Checking can be turned off

    • Error checks include stopping the program if the kiln is rising too slowly or if one zone is 100°F off set point as well as other error checks.

    Automatic Restart

    • This occurs after a brief power interruption with an alert. The control logic determines whether it is better to continue or shut down.

    Thermocouple Burnout Protection

    • The kiln shuts down automatically if all thermocouples burn out. Kiln continues to fire if one or two thermocouples burn out.

    Two Key Start

    • Optionally configure the control so it requires you to press two buttons to start it.

    Digital Indication

    • Configure temperature in either degrees F or C.
    • Scroll through all three thermocouple readings to see what each zone is doing.

    Cold Junction Compensation

    • Automatically compensates for varying ambient temperatures to make control more accurate.
    • Control can operate in ambient temperatures of 32°F to 125°F (0°C to 50°C).
    • The segment review button lets you see the ambient board temperature.

    Electronic Control Matches Pyrometric Cone Performance

    • This feature, licensed from Orton (Patent 4,461,616 & 4,730,101), adjusts the final temperature reached in an Easy-Fire profile based on the speed of the actual firing.
    • It results in accurate automatic control of heat-work in ceramic firing.

    The Number of Zones is Programmable

    • You can easily change the control from a three-zone to a two or even single-zone control.
    • This is useful on L&L's unique sectional kilns where you can remove or add sections.


    Name SKU Price
    DynaTrol Option (to replace Genesis) N-G-D300/OP $0.00