120 Volt Power Supply

120 Volt Line Filter

Electrical Noise Control

Electrical Noise Problems

  • L&L kilns that use the DynaTrol or One-Touch™ electronic control normally get their control voltage transformed from the incoming line voltage that the kiln operates on. This is standard and proper industrial practice. However, in some cases, this is not desirable.

  • If you have problems with short power outages, voltage spikes, voltage drops, or excessive environmental line noise (such as is caused by large 3-phase motors or phase angle fired SCRs), this can cause unpredictable behavior in the electronic control. These are conditions found on overburdened power grids, in some factories, and sometimes in rural areas. It is hard to detect without very specialized equipment (most electricians would not be able to “see” these problems).


How to Solve the Problem

  • When you have the above conditions we recommend having the control feed by a separate 120-volt line (with a standard 6-foot long cord) and having that voltage filtered through an EMI (Electrical Magnetic Interference) noise filter.

  • We then recommend plugging the 120-volt cord into a good computer surge protector or better yet a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) power supply with an isolation transformer. You can buy a good UPS at a computer store for less than $100.

  • Here is a longer Knowledgebase Post on the subject

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Control Panel Upgrade with 120 Volt Supply & EMI Filter Option L-G-EMIF/00 $305.00