Choose the Shape of Your Kiln

Shape & Crossection

  1. We make many different polygonal crossections: from 11" to 29" (and larger on a custom basis).
  2. We also make square and rectangular sectional kilns up to 100 cubic feet (our DaVinci series).

Front-Loading & very Large Kilns

  1. We make various Front-Loading kiln.
  2. We make an economical very large Bell-Lift DaVinci kiln.
  3. Very large front-loading, shuttle and car bottom kilns (up to 1500 cubic feet) are made by L&L Special Furnace Co. Inc. (our sister company), but these are comparatively expensive by pottery market standards.

Jupiter & DaVinci kilns are made to be customized

  1. Jupiter and DaVinci kilns come in many sizes.
  2. Not only do we have standard sizes that are 45" tall but we can make taller ones on a custom basis.
  3. We can also make custom diameter rings.
  4. Some people, like sculptors, like the "Pull-Apart" option. 

DaVinci Kilns are square and rectangular

  1. The DaVinci kilns are normally larger than Jupiter kilns.
  2. They are square and rectangular in shape.
  3. For some the shape is critical (for tiles for instance) and makes the kiln for efficient in terms of usable space.

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