Do new thermocouples need to "broken in"?

I expect to receive delivery tomorrow evening of 3 new thermocouples for my JD-2927-HD kiln (originally purchased in 2007). Should I plan a "run-in" firing, say to Cone 5, when these new thermocouples are installed? (Note: I installed new elements last October and performed a "run-in" firing for the new elements.) Thank you. -- Thomas ************** Thomas -

No need to "break in" your new thermocouples. On the other hand, elements need to be "broken in" to eliminate the stretch springiness and oxidize them for protection. None of this applied to thermocouples.

One thing to watch out for, however, is that your old thermocouples may have drifted in accuracy over time. If you changed your thermocouple offset you may want to reset it to the original value - which would have have been +18 Deg F if you have our ceramic protection tubes.

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