Broken brick on a damaged kiln

Here are some photos I saw of a competitor’s kiln while fixing some of Easy-Fire kilns at Penn State. The kiln still works but for how long? Note how the soft K23 firebrick (the same brick all kiln manufacturers use) does not take normal abuse well. That is why L&L invented and uses hard ceramic element holders.

Competitor Kiln With Broken Firebrick

Competitor's Kiln with Damaged Firebrick

See where a kiln shelf hit the brick while unloading

Damaged Firebrick from Kiln Shelf

How does that element stay up?


In comparison, this L&L Easy-Fire kiln is 9 years old. The controls and wiring needed some tender love but look how the inside of the kiln compares with the competitor’s kiln.

9 Year-old L&L Kiln