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Power Relay - 50 Amp, 120V Coil, 3 Pole (Used on 480 volt kilns)

3 Pole Power Relay - Unit is rated for 50 Amps with a 120 Volt Coil - Unit is the standard Power Relay on All X2800-D & XB2800-D, X3200-D & XB3200-D, T2300-D & TB2300-D, and T3400-D & TB3400-D Series DaVinci Kilns and Easy-Load kilns that are rated for 480 volts. (Note: the 480 volt input current is reduced to 120 volts for the control circuit that controls the coils of these contactors)

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    One to Two Days
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    Part is returnable for a 25% restocking charge