Why does my DaVinci kiln lid open more in the front when I fire?

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Why does my DaVinci kiln lid open more in the front when I fire?

When this happens, it almost always means the hinge is out of adjustment or set too low at the back of the kiln.

  • When the kiln is cold, see if the hinge rod with the collars on either end is loose and able to move back and forth a little- it is supposed to be able to move at least a bit.
  • If it is not able to be moved, first loosen one of the collars and pull it out a bit. It is possible that the collar is just pushed on too far.

  • Loosen the three hose-clamps at the left back corner of the hinge assembly. These hose-clamps hold the left hinge rod support in place.

  • With a pry bar between the metal foot and the bottom of the hinge rod support pole, pry the pole upward until you can see the back corner of the lid lifting off of the top ring.
  • Lower it until it barely touches and tighten the hose-clamps
  • Do the same to the other side- the right hinge rod support at the right back corner of the hinge assembly.
  • If this does not fix it, try a firing without the spring loaded cable(s) attached to the front of the lid. To remove these cables the lid has to be open, and it may take two people to close it once they are removed as the lid will be very heavy.
  • Lid still comes up?  Next try a firing with the hinge rod and spring loaded cables not connected at all, just to see what is causing the problem.


Additional Actions to Take

Fix lid seal if a bright red glow is visible around the seal when kiln is operating and/or excessive heat loss can be felt around seal.

  1. Rub seal high points down with sandpaper until no more than 1/16 of an inch gap is found at any point along seal.
  2. Check for unevenness in the gap that will cause an excessive heat loss.
  3. Replace lid if it is excessively cracked or worn or has holes in it. Replace lid.
  1. Make sure peepholes are plugged with peephole plugs.
  2. Make sure hole for vent is proper. Check Vent-Sure instructions for proper hole sizes.
  3. If you are using a different brand of vent make sure it is the appropriate size for the kiln. Check with the vent manufacturer and tell them how many cubic feet are in the kiln.
  4. If the lid or bottom is cracked check to see if it seems to leaking much heat at high temperatures. Patch or replace if extreme.