Vent-Sure Downdraft Kiln Vent System (220-240 Volts)

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This is the complete 220-240 volt Vent-Sure System. These are typically used in non-US installations such as in Europe.


  1. One wall-mounted blower mounted on a bracket with a 12" long vent pipe to go through outside wall
  2. One Motor Inlet Duct
  3. An 6 foot power cord with an attached On/Off switch plugs into a 240 volt standard receptacle (Plug depends on country - contact factory for details)
  4. One Bypass Collection Box to be mounted to the kiln or on the kiln stand, with mounting hardware
  5. One length of flexible aluminum ducting (expands to 15 feet) with two hose clamps
  6. One 4” diameter 90 degree elbow (for outside the building)

See this link for more details.

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Vent-Sure Downdraft Kiln Vent System (220-240 Volts)

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Part Number: M-V-VENT/EU
Price: $585.00 / Each
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