How long does a Vent-Sure downdraft vent last?

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How long does a Vent-Sure downdraft vent last?

The Vent-Sure downdraft kiln vent is pulling not only air but moisture and the products of hot moinsture and the chemicals that are present in the clay. Some of these prodcts are highly acidic (like sulfuric acid, hydrofluric acid and others). The exact amount and composition of the effluents of your kiln, and hence in the vent, will vary with how dry your work is and what is in the clay to begin with. The Vent life seems to be totally dependent on these conditions. The more moisture and acids created by the materials in the clay and water then the shorter the vent life. If you have good conditions the vent can last for many years - if not - then you will be repalcing various parts over the years.

That said - L&L's experience has been very positive. We have sold thousends of Vent-Sures for over 15 years. We sell very few replacement motors and other parts. The most vulnerable part seems to be the thin aluminum flexible duct that goes from the kiln to the vent motor. This is cheap and you can find replacements locally.

The motors hold up very well in terms of lubrication and vibration.

The Vent-Sure is warranted for three years.

See this link for more information about corrosion.