Removing Panel for Service

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Removing Panel for Service

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  1. Unplug the kiln.
  2. Follow the instructions in the Assembly Instructions for removing the Control Box. (Click here for a list of all assembly instructions).
  3. Pack the control panel with cushioning material such as bubble wrap, balled-up newspaper or foam in a cardboard box and follow instructions from the factory or you local distributor about where to send it.

CAUTION: Do not send a control panel without calling first.

CAUTION: The controller contains electronic components which are sensitive to static electricity. Before handling the controller dissipate any static charge you may have by touching metal or a screw on the controller panel, the electrical box, the kiln lid, or some other grounded object.


This video shows how to remove a control panel on an Easy-Fire, School-Master or eQuadPro kiln for service.