Quad Element Design

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Large Diameter Elements With Thick Wire And Lower Watt Density

  • The Quad element system provides four rows of elements in one 9" high section.
  • The combination of our large 1/2" diameter element coils (most non-L&L elements are only 1/3" in diameter), the doubled surface area of the Quad element design, and superior heat transfer of L&L's patented ceramic element holders, make this the best element system in the world today. 

Quad elements

  • Used on our JH Series kilns for several years now - under the rigorous conditions of high temperature crystalline glaze firing - element life of over 130 firings with standard A-1 alloy have been normal. In another example, on an eQuad-Pro, with three sets of elements being used, one customer got 232 firings to Cone 5 per element set.
  • Increased surface area of our Quad element system results in more even firings.
  • Quad elements are more cost effective than APM elements for high-fire work. Combine Quad and APM for the ultimate in element life.

Inside a kiln with Quad elements

Quad elements shown firing

Available as an option on these kilns

  • Easy-Fire
  • Easy-Fire XT
  • Jupiter
  • DaVinci
  • Liberty-Belle

Standard on these kilns

  • eQuad-Pro
  • JH Series

Extra Images

Quad Element Design
Quad Element Design
Quad Element Design
Quad Element Design