How to vent your kiln if you do not have a downdraft vent like the Vent-Sure?

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How to vent your kiln if you do not have a downdraft vent like the Vent-Sure?

Although we strongly recomment using the Vent-Sure downdraft vent there are some kilns that do not have them. Here are some recommendations for how to vent a kiln manually.

  1. Prop lid 1" to 600F, then close lid. (Caution: if you forget the close the lid you could start a fire. You might set the Alarm to go off at that temperature)
  2. Take all peephole plugs out to 1000F, then put back the bottom 2 peephole plugs in a 3 section kiln or just the bottom peephole plug in a two section kiln.
  3. Keep the top peephole plug out until top temperature is reached, then put in all peephole plugs during cooldown.
  4. Take all peeps out at 1000F for faster cooling.