Why does my kiln jump over the Preheat without holding at the Preheat temp?

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Why does my kiln jump over the Preheat without holding at the Preheat temp?
  1. It is possible to confuse the Hold Time in the original program with the Hold Time for the Preheat Option.  In the original program, the Hold Time happens at the top temperature.  When you add a Preheat to a program, it is holding at the preheat temperature of 200F for the duration you enter.  Pressing Review Program will tell you whether a Hold or a Preheat was programmed.
  2. Assuming it was programmed correctly, the only way you can jump the preheat is if, when the kiln is started, one of the thermocouple temperatures is hotter than the preheat temperature.
  3. Older models have 150F preheat temperature, newer ones 200F.
  4. Press 1, then 2, then 3 before firing to check the TC temperatures.
  5. If any one thermocouple reading is hotter than your kilns preheat temperature, the firing will skip the preheat and fire the rest of the program as if it had already finished the preheat.

NOTE:  Kilns with an '03 serial number may not have installed the new chip on the back of the DynaTrol. If they do the above, and still it jumps the Preheat, they will need a new DynaTrol.

Additional Actions to Take

  1. Make sure you have programmed the kiln properly and it is supposed to be firing.
  2. Read the Operation instructions.
  3. Do a Program Review as soon as you start firing. (For DynaTrols - see this video)