How to interpret a garbled message on the DynaTrol

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How to interpret a garbled message on the DynaTrol

It is possible random segments could be lit on the screen but if that happens (and it is very very rare) it will usually just read gibberish.

There is no error code that is SRPF. It might be best to have them take a picture of the displayed message... but it could be an "ERTF" code. ERTF is a feature that stores information about how the kiln was behaving when it gets an error code. It stores the temperature, the number of hours the kiln fired for, and the rate of climb. "ERTF" appears for a second along with all this other information immediately after you clear an error code that showed up during a firing.

The only time the display will read only ERTF and nothing else is when you enter into the "Hidden Other Menu" and press OTHER a number of times. One of the choices in this menu is ERTF. You would then press ENTER to see what was stored there about the last firing.

You might ask them to keep track of any error codes or questionable displays that appear in the next couple firings.

Additional Actions to Take

  1. Try leaving the toggle switch on for 30 seconds without pressing any buttons.
  2. This will give the control time to go through its own internal start-up sequence

This applies to DynaTrol controls made before 2006:

  1. When these older controls are running a program and the toggle switch is turned off without pressing the STOP key first and then the switch is set back to on: the screen will blink and go blank for 10-15 seconds then come back on.
  1. Unplug kiln.
  2. Remove the four #6 screws that hold the control in place from the front face of the control panel.
  3. Remove the control box and remove the insulation panel.
  4. Pull of the spade connectors from all the connection points on the back of the control. Loosen the screws that hold down the thermocouple wires and pull out the wires from under the screw heads. It is OK to remove the screws if this is easier for you. First not where all the wires go. These are all clearly marked with color coding on the Wiring Diagram.
  5. Pull old control out. Put new control in and screw in place with the #6 mounting screws. Replace wires on proper connectors.
  6. Be careful to get the Red or Yellow of the thermocouple wires to match the colors painted on the control board.
  7. Double check that the proper color coded wire goes to the proper terminal (Orange = OUT, Purple = AC1, Green = CT, Gray = AC2).

This video shows how to replace a DynaTrol on an Easy-Fire kiln. The same principles apply to any kiln with a DynaTrol or Genesis control.


  1. See this page for the part.


This video shows how to remove a control panel on an Easy-Fire, School-Master or eQuadPro kiln for service.