Furniture Kits

Kiln furniture kits are the recommended set of ceramic shelves, posts
and kiln wash that go with each kiln model. These are for loading the
work in the kiln.


  • All shelves that are 15” in diameter and above are made of a press-molded (not cast) high alumina cordierite body that holds up to Cone 11 firing with little warping.
  • This is particularly important for these larger shelves.
  • L&L sells the highest grade ceramic extruded posts. They are very straight (even in lengths up to 12” long), precision cut for squareness, and are strong without being excessively thick. 
  • Click here to go the complete listing of kiln furniture kits.
  • Click here to find individual shelves and posts.

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Furniture Kits
Furniture Kits
Furniture Kits