The controlled cooling on an Easy-Fire keeps changing. Why?

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The controlled cooling on an Easy-Fire keeps changing. Why?

Question: I do a controlled cooling to get even cooling rates. I've been using the User 6 program for the cooling cycle after using the Fast Glaze to fire up. I've been doing a 2 step cooling, with step one going 200 per hour to 1900 degrees, then step 2 going 150 per hour to 1600 degrees. Whenever I start another firing, step one in the cooling program has changed to 9998 per hour to 2250 degrees, and I have to reprogram it back to 200 per hour to 1900. What's up with that?

Answer: To use USER 6 as a cool down program attached to the end of Fast Glaze, there needs to be one extra segment in the program before the cool down begins. When you add this program to a cone-fire program, the easy-fire program takes the place of the first segment of the cool down program.

Your USER 6 needs 3 segments, the first one should be set to something like 200°F per hour to 2000°F, 0 hold. Remember it will not matter what the first segment is set to because the cone fire program takes the place of Segment 1. Segment 2 would then be your 200°F/hr down to 1900, 0 hold. Segment 3 would be your 150°F/hr down to 1600.