Change the cycle time of the DynaTrol Control

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Change the cycle time of the DynaTrol Control

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Go to the HIDDEN “Other” MENU

  1. This menu contains the programmable settings for the rest of the features in the Dynatrol.
  2. To find this menu, first IdLE, tC2, and the current temperature must be cycling in the display.
  3. Press Other once to see RSET displayed
    Press 4, 4, 3, and see NOTC (this is the first option in the hidden “Other” menu)
  4. To exit the menu press ENTER twice when you see PCt. You will then see CPL, and then IdLE, tC2, and the current temperature cycling in the display again.

Press ENTER until you see CYCL

  1. The cycle time is the length of time between an element turning on two consecutive times. Using a short cycle time may improve temperature control, while using a long cycle time may improve relay life.
  2. Cycle time can be programmed anywhere from 10 to 60 seconds.
  3. The default setting from the factory is either 14 seconds or 25 seconds (depending on when the control was made - it was changed to 25 seconds in January 2012.)