Molded Ceramic Industrial-Grade Element Connection Blocks

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Easy, Secure Connections

  • Elements are twisted around stainless steel screws mounted on solid ceramic terminal blocks.
  • The entire assembly is mechanically secure and solid.

Wide Electrical Contact

  • All contact between elements and wire lugs is over a wide surface of heavily torqued stainless steel washers.

Solid electrical contact on terminal bolts

No Special Tools

  • Wires are not crimped to element ends as in some other brands.
  • This means you can change elements yourself without buying an expensive tool or hiring a kiln repair person.

All terminal blocks shown on an e23T-3

Easier Than Crimped Connectors

  • Ask anyone who has changed an element in both an L&L kiln and other kilns with crimped connections.
  • Many repair people tell us it takes 3 hours to change elements in a other kilns vs. 30 minutes in an L&L.
  • You need to be either very strong or else use a large special crimping tool to properly crimp a terminal.
  • If you don’t get it just right you can ruin the element and wire end.
  • Also every time you change an element you shorten the connecting wire.

Used on most L&L kilns with These Exceptions

  • 480 volt kilns which require more terminals than are available on these ceramic terminal blocks.
  • Front-Loading Kilns
  • Powered Bottoms

Extra Images

Molded Ceramic Industrial-Grade Element Connection Blocks
Molded Ceramic Industrial-Grade Element Connection Blocks
Molded Ceramic Industrial-Grade Element Connection Blocks
Our element termination system requires no crimping
The extra wide stainless washer provide excellent contact