6-50P Power Cord - 1 Phase

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50 Amp NEMA 6-50P Power Cord - Unit is a 72" Long Cord with a Three Prong Plug and is used with all Easy-Fire Kilns at any Voltage and 1 Phase Power, all J1800 & JD1800, J23 & JD23, and J230 & JD230 Kilns, all Dura-Fire kilns, and many other kilns at any Voltage and 1 Phase Power (Also used for retrofit on Older Econo J1400 Series Kilns)

If you want to direct wire your kiln to power supply, this power cord can be used by cutting the plug head off and separating the wires. A licensed electrician should be enlisted to cut the cord, strip the wires and wire the kiln to the power source.

Part Number and Price

Part Number: L-G-PC50/72
Price: $90.00 / Each
Normally stocked
Part is returnable for a 20% restocking charge

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