Easy-Fire XT Square Kilns

Easy-fire XT Kiln

Affordable Square Top Loading Kilns

The Easy-Fire XT Square kilns feature a square body shape as used in our DaVinci Series with a Stainless steel spring hinge as used on the Easy-fire kilns, 3” brick, three elements per 9” section, strong arched sides with extra space added to interior dimensions for good air circulation, strong aluminized steel stands, hinged control panel for easy maintenance mounted on the element box, automatic 24-Key DynaTrol with Dynamic Zone control (two zone for 18” models and three zone for 27” models, type K 8 gauge thermocouples with ceramic protection tubes and more.

Sides are arched for strength

Kiln outline

Medium (5.0 cubic feet)
Cone 10, 2350F, 1290C
DynaTrol Zone Control
Medium-Large (7.6 cubic feet)
Cone 5, 2170F, 1190C
DynaTrol Zone Control