The Warranty Process

Technical Support

  1. L&L does not charge for technical support, even if a kiln is out of the limited warranty period.
  2. A good place to start is on our Support Page.
  3. Many distributors offer excellent technical support, especially about process issues like glazes and clay problems. Your distributor should be your first point of contact.
  4. L&L kilns are easy to work on even for non-experts. In addition, our extensive and growing Video Library and Knowledgebase make troubleshooting and fixing L&L kilns easy.

if there is a Warranty Issue

  1. If you have a warranty issue see Technical Support for L&L Kilns. You can call L&L or your distributor but we will need all of the information on that page and emailing first will save time.
  2. We will discuss your problem with you and determine the best course of action.
  3. If a distributor is helping they will discuss the problem with us. We may also call or email you if we need further clarification.
  4. Some problems are not warranty problems and we reserve the right to determine this.

What we need from you

  1. We need your name, address, phone number, email address, model number, serial number, voltage and phase. If a distributor is involved they can forward this information to us or you can work directly with the factory if you prefer.
  2. We may ask for photos.
  3. We may ask you to perform various tests, take corrective action, or make changes in the way you fire (for instance reducing the work load in the kiln). We need your cooperation to help you.
  4. To diagnose some problems we may ask you to have an electrican or other competent person perform tests on the kiln with a meter while under power. This is not paid for under our Limited Warranty Policy.

When Does the Limited Warranty Start?

  1. Your Limited Warranty typically starts from the date embedded in the serial number.
  2. If you bought your kiln from a stocking distributor from their inventory your kiln may be under warranty longer than the serial number would indicate. We would need to have a copy of the sales invoice from the distributor to determine the warranty start date.
  3. Sometimes kilns are put in storage, not used for a while, or fired very little. This does not lengthen the warranty period.

General Parts

  1. There is no charge for warranty replacement of general parts.
  2. There is no shipping or handling expense to the end user for warranted general parts (in the USA).
  3. General parts include metal parts, electrical parts, vent parts, relays, etc) - everything with the exception of elements, thermocouples, bricks, and controls.

elements & Thermocouples

  1. If elements or thermocouples are being replaced under warranty you need to refer to the Pro-Rated chart in the Standard Three-Year Limited Warranty. (See the Five-Year Limited Warranty for School-Master kilns). This will tell you if replacement elements or thermocouples are free or discounted.
  2. We may ask to get elements back for examination (L&L pays for shipping).

Pro-Rated Or Discounted Parts Charges

  1. There is no shipping or handling expense to the end user for free replacement elements. (in the USA).
  2. Any parts sold at a Pro-Rated discount will be sold direct to the end user.
  3. Standard shipping charges apply to Pro-Rated parts but no handling fees are charged.

Electronic Control Repairs

  1. If your control fails under warranty L&L will send you a new control at no charge and issue a call-tag for return of the old control (in the USA). (See Call-Tag Process below).
  2. Even if a distributor is involved in the repair the control will go directly to the end user.
  3. Shipping charges will apply outside the USA.
  4. There is a video on line showing How to Change the DynaTrol. Changing a One-Touch control is very similar.

Brick Repairs

  1. Firebrick is not warranted against cracking or spalling.
  2. Charges will apply for firebrick replacements.
  3. We will work with the end user to repair any firebrick.
  4. Shipping expense of tops and bottoms is not covered.
  5. There are several videos on our Video Page that show how to repair various brick issues.

Control Panel repairs

  1. We will fix problems in any removable control panel that is under warranty at no cost to you.
  2. We need to know the nature of problem in as much detail as possible.
  4. We will issue a return authorization number.
  5. Almost all L&L panels are removable. Wrap the control panel in bubble wrap or some other protective packaging material, box it up and send it to us. We can send you a box with bubble wrap if you need it.
  6. Be sure to include your contact information, model and serial number in the box.
  7. We will pay for shipping both ways if the kiln is under warranty (in the Continental USA).
  8. We will repair the panel and test it on our test kiln. A report is included with the repaired panel detailing the tests performed, any results, and any repairs or replacements that were made.
  9. If the kiln is not under warranty we will perform the testing process for a charge of $50 plus any labor and parts that need replacing. We will discuss any repairs BEFORE doing them. Customer pays for shipping both ways.


  1. Kilns are not warranted against corrosion.
  2. Processes that take place in the kiln can be inherently corrosive.
  3. See this page for information on what you can do help prevent corrosion.

Electrical Supply Problems & Electrical Noise

  1. Sometimes what seems to be a kiln problem turns out to be an electrical supply problem such as low or fluctuating voltage, old circuit breakers, wiring that restricts voltage, electrical noise that affects the control operation, or other diverse issues.
  2. See this page for more information on electrical supply problems.
  3. Sometimes the display can act erratically. This is usually a symptom on electrical noise which affects the control and its source can be difficult to trace. See this page for more information on electrical noise.
  4. We may ask you to get a competent electrican to examine your electrical system at your expense.

Call-Tag Process

  1. When you are ready to send something back to us as part of this Warranty Process please give us a call.
  2. We will issue a "Call-Tag".
  3. UPS will stop at your address to pick up the packaged item - usually the following day.
  4. Be sure that the package is left in an accessible location so they don't have to come back.
  5. We will pay for one pick-up attempt by UPS. If not picked up the first time the customer will be responsible for further pick up charges.

Expedited Shipping

  1. You may request next day or second day shipping but this will be at your expense.

Shipping Outside the USA

  1. We do not cover shipping costs for warranty parts outside the USA.
  2. Air Postal Service is usually reasonable if you can wait (7 to 14 days is typical for most countries).
  3. Faster but more expensive options like UPS or FedEx are available.

On-Site labor is not covered

  1. L&L does not cover on-site labor costs for warranty repairs.
  2. Some distributors offer this service. Check with your distributor.

Effective Date

September 1, 2013