Updating Software on the Genesis Control (Video)


How to update software using a WiFi connection on the Genesis Control. 

Software Update

  1. Click "Menu", then
    "Configuration", then "Communications".
  2. Click "Enable Wi-Fi", then
    choose "Always on", then "Save".
  3. Click "Wi-Fi Setup", then
    choose your designated router, (ex. "Linksys"), then enter the
    password for your router, (ex. "12345"), then "Save", then
  4. Go back to the
    "Communications" section, then click "Download Firmware".
  5. If screen reads "Latest version
    already installed", click cancel, the software update is already complete.
  6. If latest version is not installed,
    wait until firmware fully downloads, then press "Install".

NOTE: Customers have successfully use their smart phone as a hot spot for updating the firmware in cases where no other wifi was available.